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Sure, I'll travel to your wedding anywhere throughout the Czech Republic and I'll do so with no additional charge. I'll gladly go beyond the borders if my schedule allows me to. I'll even jump on a plane or climb hills to get to your wedding.

I shoot weddings, and pretty much everything else, in a documentary style. My aim is to capture the moments candidly with possibly no intervention whatsoever. I'd feel really sorry if something beautiful didn't unfold just due to my presence. It can happen, I'm not invisible, but I do my best to prevent it and it's my main priority.

I prefer taking one not 100% technically perfect photo and disappearing over re-capturing the frame 10x and ultimately destroying the moment. This is also why I avoid using flash and why I prefer using available light whenever possible.

Formally, this style has been called wedding photojournalism, documentary wedding photography or reportage wedding photography. No matter what you call it, all you need to know is that I'll do my absolute best to stay out of your way, but at the same time to capture your wedding story in a true and honest way. No wedding rings on a branch, tree-hanging wedding dresses or jumping brides.

You can read more about my style on my wedding page.

The same way as other photos - in a natural and uncontrived way. I'm not a portrait photographer and my clients often don't demand wedding portraits at all. Then I try to find a couple of clean and nicely lit candid frames with just the two in them during the wedding day. In such case, the portraits are made without the bride and groom even knowing about it.

When there is a proper portrait session, then I recommend taking a short photo walk. Mainly at larger weddings, I always tell the newlyweds that this is their unique opportunity, before they come back to the wedding day bustle, to be just with each other and to have replayed what has just happened. I don't script or move anyone, I don't interfere in any way. This is no 2-hour long photo shoot - we aim to take 2-3 really good pictures.

Sure I will. I appreciate that you (or perhaps your grandparents) may have a need for couple of group shots and we can certainly set aside some time for that. At the same time I recommend not to go with too many (maximum 5) and to have someone at your end to organise the guests. This allows me to concentrate on my documentary style, for which you're most probably considering to hire me anyway.

Yes and more than a couple. I adore black and white photography for its simplicity, timelessness and impact. I like the way how the absence of colour helps the viewer focus on the content rather than form.

Nevertheless, I'll certainly deliver a good portion of images in colour. I tend to use colour whenever I find it an essential part of the story or when, in combination with fabulous light, it just makes for a lovely picture to look at.

Right after I'm finished and about to say good bye (for the moment), I pull out memory cards from my cameras and securely stock them in a pouch that is always strapped to my body. Still the same night I copy all images to my computer and make several (online and offline) backups.

In the next 7 days, I'll send you 10 fully processed photos as a teaser. In the following 2 weeks at the latest (but often earlier), you'll get a full set of carefully selected and edited photos (usually 300-400).

The photos will be delivered through a private photo gallery that is ideal for sharing with friends and family. You'll be able to download all the images in two versions: one optimised for online sharing and the other in full resolution suitable for printing. I'll have 50 selected photos printed in my favourite lab and then I'll hand it over to you personally over a cup of coffee. If a personal meeting is no possible, I'll have them delivered to you by post. If you want any additional prints to be made, I can either arrange for you as an optional service (i.e. prepare exact-sized print files, design a personal photo book or large wall prints and communicate their processing with the lab), or you can send the photos for printing yourself. In the latter case, I'll recommend you the right lab and provide you with my personal discount code that you can make use of.



There's no stupid question, only stupid answers. I'll be more than happy to help you clarify all your question marks.


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